Diesel Engine Parts

diesel engine parts

Single cylinder diesel engine parts include: piston, piston pin, piston ring, cylinder liner, top, gasket, gasket, crank shaft, camshaft, oil pump, fuel injector, fule pump, plunger, Nozzle, delivery valve, fuel tank, connecting rod, filter element, element, Rocker Arm, Rocker Arm assy, Intake valve, Exhaust valve,

Model including: 170F,175,180,195,1100,1110,1115,SH495,4100K


Payment & Port

T/T 30% down payment, 70% payment to be settled before shipment

Port: TianJin Port


Moq & delivery time

Because the price is low, the proposal can be a purchasing a container, such cost can be more low.

Deposit received 20 days


OEM Customer Brand

MTZ Tractor parts

Can provide for the customer OEM service, can according to customer requirements and provide product packaging products marking. According to different products, one of the product MOQ is different, meet the minimum requirements, to provide color box packaging.

Have their own brand packaging, can greatly improve product status and product service will be better in market competition, winning customers approval. Encourage customers to customize the brand packaging products, make its famous brand.


OEM Information

Many years to success for many customers provide OEM service, including: Nigeria provide series products "ES" products, 8 varieties of packaging, piston, liner, machine oil etc.

For African customer OEM valve packing, Bangladesh customer cylinder liner, a cylinder cushion packaging

For other African customization crankshaft packaging

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